The Best Shampoo For Dry, Damaged Hair

Battling broken, brittle, straw-like locks? Little known fact: life stresses out your hair just as much as your soul. Take some deep breaths and despair no more - we’ve got the secret to combating damaged hair once and for all (so you can get the silky tresses you really want).

First, some hair science: your hair is composed of hair fibers, and the good news is that those fibers are naturally healthy and strong. The not-so-good news is the fact that many run-of-the-mill activities quickly damage the fibers, which inevitably leads to weak, dry, damaged hair that’s chock-full of split ends.

The best way to combat stressed-out hair is to identify and disarm the responsible culprits.


    1. Offender #1. The Sun:

      Vitamin D may drape your skin in a summery glow and keep your mood high, but those pesky UV rays will discolor your hair faster than you can say “brassy disaster”. Discoloration may seem like a mere cosmetic issue, but it goes deeper than that (literally) - it’s a tell-tale indicator of fiber weakness and cuticle damage. 

      Offender #2. Color Treatment:

      It’s no secret that color treatment changes the pigment of your hair - that’s kinda the whole point - but losing your natural pigment comes at a cost. Namely, the chemical reaction that takes place during the treatment strips the naturally occurring protein (called keratin) and other amino acids from the hair, which inevitably weakens it. (Ever seen a sliced apple turn brown after it was cut? That’s caused by oxidation, and the same thing happens to your hair during color treatment).

      Offender #3. Styling:

      It may seem too simple to be a real concern, but merely brushing and/or combing your hair and using hair ties can cause real damage (here’s looking at you, metal clasps). Cue frizz, split ends, and follicle damage, which can lead to long term hair loss.

      Offender #4. Heat:

      The most widely-known adversary of hair, heat holds that title for good reason: it wreaks absolute havoc on your locks. It destroys the hair’s natural fiber surface and proteins, and literally melts the keratin so that it’s permanently altered at the molecular level. Heat also strips all moisture from your hair, drying it out and making it more susceptible to further damage.

      If only there was something that could prevent - nay, repair - all that damage?

Enter, the Super-Hero your hair desperately needs: & Goodies’ Repairing Lemongrass Shampoo.

This powerhouse product uses patented technology to actually heal your hair by providing it with essential moisture and amino acids.

It not only rebuilds your hair at the micro and macro levels; it also encourages your hair’s own natural biochemical process. This translates into thicker, stronger, shinier hair that holds its ground against all potential aggressors. Color, heat, sun, and styling damage are no match for & Goodies Repairing Lemongrass Shampoo.

Even better, it’s formulated for all hair types and smells absolutely delectable. (As usual, the fact that it bears the & Goodies name means it’s guaranteed to contain 100% squeaky clean, cruelty-free ingredients.) .

Shop & Goodies’ full lineup of haircare.

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