Calling Bullshit

Our founders, a master stylist & certified natural product developer, looked around at the hair care options on the market & saw loads of 💩. You can’t walk two feet into the hair care aisle without running into mediocre products making outlandish claims. They set out on a mission to bring simple & clean products that smell delightful to people (& hair) of all types.

This fundamental idea gave birth to & Goodies.

Now every product we develop has a focus on not stripping the hair of it’s natural oils & promoting hair growth—regardless of hair type, texture, length, or color. The idea of inclusivity is the core value upon which our company & products are built.

As we say...

All are welcome heere.

No nasties

Buy & Goodies knowing that NO parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), dyes or synthetic color, artificial fragrance, alcohol, silicone, phthalates, EDTA, or anything else you can’t pronounce are allowed in our products.

No cruelty

There is absolutely NO animal testing of raw material or finished product.

We guarantee our products...

Won’t strip natural oils

Not all oils are bad. Our products leave the good & get rid of the bad.

Promote hair growth

Simple & clean ingredients chosen for their regenerative properties.

Smell delightful

We think hair should smell good, so we make this a priority. You’re welcome.

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