How to Get the most out of your hair products

As consumers, we often find ourselves trying our best to make our favorite products last as long as we can. 

When it comes getting the most out of your hair products, theres a few hacks and tips we can offer than can help with elongating the life of your go-to products!

1. Use a small bottle with a nozzle for your shampoo routine!

Add two pumps of shampoo into the small bottle and dilute with water. Apply it directly to the scalp, and make sure to massage and work into your hair. This will help with reducing the amount of product you use, while also giving amazing results!

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2. Make it count!

We use our holy grail products daily, which means we have to also take into account the amount of product we use on that basis. Following the recommended product amount can help with making sure your product lasts you as long as possible, which ultimately will benefit you in the end!

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3) Shop smart!

We all know that feeling of dread when we're about to run out of our favorite hair product and we have no other option other than to restock. Although breaking the budget is never encouraged, if you find yourself really enjoying a specific product, stock up if you're able to! Future you will thank you.

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We hope you enjoy these tips when it comes to how to get the most out of your hair products! Tune in soon for our next blog posts and check out our shop to learn more about our product line! 

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June 5, 2023

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